FAQ: Troubleshooting Remote Desktop (RDP) connection errors

If you're having trouble connecting to one of your Windows machines using Remote Desktop (RDP), here's a short guide on how to troubleshoot.

First of all, please verify that you can connect to your remote machine using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac.
You can get the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/en/app/microsoft-remote-desktop/id715768417
Please try this on the same machine you're running Royal TSX on.

If you can connect using Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, you can try exporting the connection and importing it back into Royal TSX.
To do this, right-click the entry in MSRDP and select "Export". In the save panel, select a location to save the .rdp file to.
Back in Royal TSX select the folder you want to import the connection to.
Then go to "File - Import - RDP files..." and select the exported file. Now try to connect to the just imported connection.

If that doesn't work, a common cause is that "Network Level Authentication" (NLA) needs to be either enabled or disabled depending on how your Windows host is set up. To adjust this setting, open the properties of your RDP connection and navigate to the "Advanced - Authentication" section.

If you still can't connect with Royal TSX, please contact us and include at least the following information:
  • The exact error message you're receiving
  • The Royal TSX and FreeRDP plugin version you're using
  • OS and version of the remote machine you're trying to connect to
  • OS and version of your Mac
  • Screenshots of your configuration from both, Royal TSX and Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac