Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks regarding Royal TSX that might improve your workflow:
  • You can switch between the Overview and Dashboard by clicking the Overview's tab icon or by using the main menu: View - Switch to Overview/Dashboard
  • The Folder Dashboard allows you to bulk-edit multiple objects at once. More Info is available here.
  • You can use the context menu of the Dock icon to open connections.
  • You can use your trackpad to switch between connection tabs. (hint: swipe left or right with 3 fingers)
    If the swipe gesture is not working you might have to reconfigure your trackpad settings.
  • Remote connection screenshots can be saved or copied to the clipboard by using the context menu of one of the thumbnails in the Overview tab.
  • The default toolbar configuration only shows a handful of the available commands. By opening the "View" menu and selecting "Customize Toolbar" the full range of commands is available to you.
  • You can use AppleScript to get information from connections, open/close connections, open/save/close documents, create new connections or even import connections from data sources like CSV files. You can find AppleScript samples here.
  • If your MacBook's battery drains fast when using Royal TSX, here are some tips that may improve the situation.
  • If you accidentally closed the "Getting started" page you can view it again by going to the "Help" menu and selecting "Getting started".