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  1. Announcement: Major new Features in Royal TSX V2

  2. Announcement: Royal Server V2 Beta Version

  3. Announcement: Royal TS V4 Beta Version

  4. Basic Royal Server configuration

  5. Checkpoint VPN via osascript

  6. Common Royal Server configuration issues and how to fix them

  7. Connecting to Wallix ReDemPtion/AdminBastion

  8. Do I need multiple Royal Server instances (one for each of the servers I manage)?

  9. Error while uninstalling Royal Server "The setup must update files and services that cannot be updated while the system is running"

  10. Error: Cannot connect to Hyper-V console (Error 3848)

  11. Error: Cannot open Document (Unexpected End of File)

  12. Error: I cannot copy/paste from/to an RDP connection

  13. Error: Issues with the WebKit plugin

  14. Error: Royal TS V2 Crashes with "A Task's exception(s) were not observed..."

  15. Error: Uninstall or upgrade an MSI fails - path of old MSI could not be found

  16. Error: When attempting to import the PowerShell module you get "System.BadImageFormatException"

  17. FAQ: Apple Remote Desktop/Screen Sharing: Requesting permissions to view/control a remote screen

  18. FAQ: Can I run Royal TS on high DPI displays?

  19. FAQ: Can I use an individual user license on multiple machines?

  20. FAQ: Command Task Introduction

  21. FAQ: CTRL, Win or ALT Keys are stuck

  22. FAQ: Exit RDP Full Screen (and other keyboard shortcuts)

  23. FAQ: External Applications, Credentials and Elevation

  24. FAQ: Gracefully closing a serial port connection with the iTerm2 plugin

  25. FAQ: How can I change the IE rendering engine in Royal TS?

  26. FAQ: How can I enable the Remote Desktop live thumbnails?

  27. FAQ: How to deploy and register Royal TS on multiple computers?

  28. FAQ: Improving Battery Life

  29. FAQ: Installing Plugins on a computer without access to the Internet

  30. FAQ: Integration with other applications

  31. FAQ: Is installing Royal TS taking a very long time or is Royal TS itself slow in general?

  32. FAQ: Is it possible to create more than one connection (several tabs) to the same remote machine

  33. FAQ: Is it possible to globally enable NLA on all existing RDP connections

  34. FAQ: Is there a help file or more documentation online?

  35. FAQ: Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys

  36. FAQ: List of 3rd party software which could cause issues

  37. FAQ: List of 3rd party software which could cause issues

  38. FAQ: Logging off from Remote Desktop connections freezes Royal TS

  39. FAQ: Mouse doesn't seem to work on all areas of the Remote Desktop connection

  40. FAQ: My IE Plug-Ins aren't working on 64-bit Windows. What can I do?

  41. FAQ: Pinned taskbar icon missing after upgrade

  42. FAQ: Resolve UI issues on Citrix farms

  43. FAQ: Royal TS 1.x: Why can't I use the right-click context menu?

  44. FAQ: Royal TS V3 License Agreement

  45. FAQ: Royal TS V3 Licensing

  46. FAQ: Royal TS V3 Release Notes

  47. FAQ: Royal TSX V2 License Agreement

  48. FAQ: Royal TSX V2 Licensing

  49. FAQ: Royal TSX V2 System Requirements

  50. FAQ: Scripting Interface (AppleScript)

  51. FAQ: SSH Proxies and Jump Hosts

  52. FAQ: The Navigation panel is gone and I cannot get it back

  53. FAQ: Troubleshoot RDP Connectivity Issues

  54. FAQ: Troubleshooting Remote Desktop (RDP) connection errors

  55. FAQ: Troubleshooting Terminal (SSH/Telnet) Connection Errors

  56. FAQ: Using Flash with the Chrome based Web Page plugin

  57. FAQ: Webpages popup with disabled form controls and/or cookies/session not kept

  58. FAQ: What are the System Requirements for Royal TS V3

  59. FAQ: What can cause RDP screen artefacts and refresh issues?

  60. FAQ: Where can I download beta versions of Royal TSX

  61. FAQ: Where can I download previous versions of Royal TS?

  62. FAQ: Where can I download previous versions of Royal TSX

  63. FAQ: Where does Royal TSX store it's preferences, settings?

  64. FAQ: Which RDP plugin is preferred

  65. FAQ: Why is automatic logon with RDP not working?

  66. FAQ: Working with small screens or low screen resolutions

  67. How to help with localization?

  68. How to use Royal Server and Royal TS for checking a website farm – a complete walkthrough

  69. Hyper-V management with Royal TS/X and Royal Server

  70. Import-Module : Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Program Files (x86)\\Royal TS V3\RoyalDocument .PowerShell.dll' or one of its dependencies.

  71. Install and Uninstall Instructions

  72. Is there a Linux version of Royal TS/X?

  73. License Agreements

  74. Licensing FAQs

  75. Recommended Remote Desktop Client for Android

  76. Recommended Remote Desktop Client for iOS

  77. Replying with canned responses

  78. Royal Server Licensing FAQs

  79. Royal Server V1 License Agreement

  80. Royal TS V3 and Royal TSX V2 Bundle Licensing FAQ

  81. Royal TS/X unaffected by Heartbleed vulnerability

  82. Screencast: Bulk-Edit

  83. Screencast: Bulk-Edit

  84. Screencast: Folder Dashboard

  85. Screencast: Tab Layouts and Key Sequence Broadcaster

  86. Should I install the new Android Beta?

  87. Should I install the new iOS Beta?

  88. Should I install the new iOS beta?

  89. Should I install the new macOS Beta?

  90. Should I install the new macOS/iOS/Windows/Android Beta?

  91. Should I install the new Windows Beta/Insider Preview?

  92. Should I install the new Windows Beta/Insider Preview?

  93. Startup Bundle Royal TS (for Windows), Royal TSX (for macOS) and Royal Server Startup Bundle Licensing FAQ

  94. Store connections centrally and share them in a team with Royal TS

  95. System Requirements

  96. System requirements for Royal Server

  97. Terminal Services management with Royal TS/X and Royal Server

  98. Toolbox: How to remove all passwords from an .rtsz file

  99. Toolbox: PowerShell Script to create a Royal TS Document based on a CSV File

  100. Toolbox: Tasks for Royal TS (for Windows)

  101. Tutorial: Ad Hoc Connections using Protocol Identifier and Credentials

  102. Tutorial: Ad Hoc Connections using Protocol Identifier and Credentials

  103. Tutorial: Create a connection which always prompt for credentials

  104. Tutorial: Export to CSV File

  105. Tutorial: First steps with the Royal TS PowerShell module

  106. Tutorial: Make Royal TS portable?

  107. Tutorial: Tips and Tricks

  108. Tutorial: Using parameters in PowerShell connections

  109. Using Royal TS/X to access Royal Server

  110. Using the PowerShell module results in a PSRemotingTransportException

  111. Welcome to Royal Tickets

  112. Where can I download beta versions

  113. Where can I download previous versions of Royal Server?

  114. Where can I download Previous Versions?

  115. Where can I find the "old" forum?

  116. Which features of Royal TS/X require Royal Server?